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Contra Costa County Library Calendar

Sweet ThursdayScience Café

Science Café makes the topical science of today accessible to all in a casual Q&A format that always leads to engaging conversations between speakers and guests. Past programs have included the Science of Animation, and the Science of Beer, the Building of the Panama Canal, Conservation Biology with Mary Ellen Hannibal (author of The Spine Continent), and the latest developments in 3D printing, to name just a few.

Science Café offers a diverse menu of topics. This year Science Cafe topics include the Science of Cheese Making, an exploration of “What was the Star of Bethlehem?”, the Art & Science of Violin Making, Neurobiology, manned missions to Mars, drones, and the science of ice cream.

Science Café is made possible in part by the sponsorship support of the Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation, and support from the American Chemical Society.

Glenn Seaborg Learning Consortium Lafayette Library and Learning Center FoundationA Glenn Seaborg Learning Consortium Program
Presented by the Lafayette Library and Learning Center Foundation

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